About Us

     Acacia Waste Management Solutions Pty Ltd was founded in 2017 by Dr Kartik Venkatraman to cater for waste management and planning requirements.

     Dr Kartik Venkatraman is a waste and environmental management specialist. To say a few, Kartik has managed waste operations, developed and implemented strategies/plans, written tenders, conducted audits/ assessments/reviews/analysis and undertaken research whilst his tenure in Local Government. He has been pivotal in revolutionising and bringing innovation in waste management within the Local Government sector.

     Kartik has been associated with the waste industry, engineers, scientists and academics for over a decade with significant contributions and achievements in this field. He is a member of Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) and has actively taken part in various working groups, workshops, seminars and conferences. He has also chaired the Local Government Network Group (QLD).

     Kartik’s research in Phytocapping of landfills has been well recognised and acknowledged nationally and internationally. He has successfully implemented phytocaps during his tenure in Local Government thus specialises in providing futuristic capping solutions for landfills.

     Kartik’s academic qualifications coupled with over a decade of experience in managing waste and environment in Local Government sector provides a strong foundation in offering a broad spectrum of solutions to various waste and environmental issues.